Friday, June 03, 2005

News from the LEFIS Coordinator

Our Coordinator, Prof. Fernando Galindo, has just sent these News:
"Dear all,
The LEFIS activities continue! The planned and new meetings are in realization.
I would like to remember to all the very important meeting next week in Bologna: the ICAIL 2005 Meeting, and the published preliminary programme for EGOV 2005 in Copenhagen.
Another interesting meeting has happened: a workshop on Artificial Intelligence and the Law in the World Conference on Philosopy of Law in Granada took place the last week. A Summer School took place recently in Valladolid.
Another meeting will have place in Montevideo, Uruguay in two weeks: the VI Journeys of the Institute of Computers Law. A Course of interdisciplinary character will begin also: this is the case of the Course of Electronic Contracts, organized by the Notaries ("Escribanos") Association from Uruguay. A small Seminar on "Public Powers and Technologies" will have place next week in Zaragoza...
I invite to you to the meetings, of course!, and to send to me any news on your activities to put them in the web and/or in the blogs!
I hope can communicate to you as soon as possible that the proofs in relation with the LEFIS public key infrastructure have finished!

Best regards"