Friday, May 27, 2005

Invitation to join the VE-Forum

Gioacchino Quadri di Cardano (from C.I.R.S.F.I.D. - Bolonia University) sent us the following address:
"I am very pleased to invite you to join (for free, of course) the VE-Forum: It is a new online community of consultants, practitioners, researchers and technologists focused on the challenges and opportunities associated with networked organisations and virtual enterprises.

Virtual collaboration – the joint pursuit of objectives by organisations or individuals across regions and time zones – is increasingly a way of life in research and business alike.

The objective in launching is to provide a virtual collaboration and information hub, which supports the adoption of, and research into the business, cultural, legal and technological issues associated with networked organisations and virtual enterprise models across Europe.

The VE-Forum Community invites participation from community facilitators, consultants, practitioners, project managers, researchers, support agencies and technologists. Everyone has something to benefit.

This community if very active in proposing and coordinating european research project in different fields, and I believe that enrolling in VE-Forum could be a good opportunity to discuss and prepare new joint activities.
Best regards."

Friday, May 06, 2005

News from the LEFIS Coordinator

From our Coodinator, Prof. Fernando Galindo, I've just received this up to date:
"Dear all,
You can see the final report of LEFIS 2004 in relation with the Socrates Programme in here: We have made several changes related to the justification of all the budgetary expenses with the outcomes of the project.
I would like to communicate also to you that we have a new member of the LEFIS network: the Faculty of Law of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece. We have also another web log in Greek. Of course you are invited to propose another weblogs and to send more news to the existent.
The proofs with the public key infrastructure continue. I hope that in a short period we can go more away of the proofs and advance in the constitution of LEFIS as reliable network for electronic commerce and government (Public administrations).
In the last times I have had several conversations with different industries interested and participant in LEFIS. We prepare in this sense the edition of several books related with the activities of LEFIS and we prepare also agreements to made industrial projects with several partners.
The planned meetings for this year are functioning.
Best regards."