Tuesday, February 22, 2005


The Legal Framework for the Information Society has as objective to introduce, starting from the elaboration of normative proposals, the Information and Communication Technologies in the Faculties and Schools of Law, and to promote the study of regulations and practice codes in the Polytechnic Centers. LEFIS wants to elaborate also didactic solutions with the possibilities that offers the use of the web and the didactic resources "on line".
Another objective of LEFIS is to elaborate policies on Law and new technologies coming from discussions originated in the different countries of the European Union and other regions, assisting to the own characteristic necessities, traditions and requirements of the groups of countries that integrate the Thematic Network.
The LEFIS Network, supported by the European Union as Thematic Network, is part of the Archipelago Network. LEFIS includes also the activities of the AECI and ALFA Networks on electronic government, of European and Central- and Southamerican character.